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Emergency Podcast: Whity Banter with Royal Review’s Max Rieper

Whit Merrifield
Getty Images

The trade deadline approaches!

Amid a flurry of rumors and activity, Max Rieper of Royal Review guest stars to talk about The Royals at the trade deadline, and how they might be a good trade partner for the Mariners. Max provides a look at where the Royals stand, the promotions they are set to make, the prospects in their system and why it could mean Merrifield in particular gets moved. Kate dissects the return options for the Royals, and gives some insight into whom the Mariners might trade for Whit. Joe provides further insight on said players, and why perhaps Royals fans could get excited. Everyone agrees a package will probably be headlined by one of the Mariners MLB adjacent outfielders: Trammel, Fraley or Deloach specifically. Joe offers up some potential packages including other prospects as well.

Assorted musings:

  • Nori Aoki slander
  • Cal Raleigh - The Last Undiscovered Prospect
  • Royals Competitive Timeline