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7/2/21: SEA vs. TEX open game thread

Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez(L) of the Texas Rangers bow Photo credit should read PAUL K. BUCK/AFP via Getty Images

Look, I don’t want to throw cold water on things tonight, with the Mariners doing their grand re-opening and all the good vibes around the team, but it has to be said: the Mariners have an unfortunate record of coming home hot off a great road trip, threatening to make noise in the standings, and promptly lay the world’s biggest egg directly on home plate at whatever their ballpark is being called at the time. Remember Deadgar Weekend? (TM John) Lollablueza? The slow and agonizing collapse of the 2018 season? Because the North(west) remembers. And looking at this team, they haven’t exactly done a bunch to inspire confidence as they dodge Pythagoras and all his friends (please do not f%$@ us up, Pythagoras). But as Jake pointed out in today’s series preview, the Rangers are...pretty bad, like legitimately in the contest for a top-three draft pick next year. And as Tim pointed out in today’s slack, who even is Eli White? (Please save your “inventor of the cotton gin” jokes, they have been made).

Speaking of Rangers prospects, if you’re wondering where Rangers catching prospect Sam Huff is after Texas brought him up for 33 PAs last year where he posted a 204 wRC+, he’s currently on a rehab assignment and beating up on the pitchers of the ACL. (Although, Seattle’s ACL squad snatched a victory from the ACL Rangers last night, 3-2, thanks to hits from Gunn Omasako, Jonatan Clase, and Amador Arias).

We have some injury updates for the Mariners, too:

Nothing...specific there but nothing too worrying, and it would be great to get Casey Sadler back soon.

As for tonight’s game, it starts at 7:10 and can be found on all the usual channels (710 on the radio, ROOT Sports on TV, MLB TV if you’re lucky enough to live outside our PNW heat dome). Please don’t screw this up, Mariners.