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They Might Be Mariners Ep. 30: MLB Draft Reactions!

The Mariners did what now?

Courtesy of Edwin Arroyo’s IG (@EdwinArroyo19)

Well then. You don’t see that every day. Like a rabbit on a leash in downtown Seattle, the Mariners surprised us this year selecting three high school players with their first three picks. That’s right, we asked for young, impressionable upside and a challenge for the player development system and, whew boy, we got it. But it doesn’t stop there. 17 more picks came and went this week(end) and there’s plenty of #Good players that should be easy to root for! Yay!

The Mariners went with Harry Ford, a high school catcher! Kahlil Watson was still on the board, a high school shortstop many tabbed a top five pick. What do John, Kate and Joe think of such a move?

Speaking of Harry Ford, are the Mariners really trying to go the ol’ Alex Jackson route all over again? Unequivocally NOT. We dive in.

Also, did Jerry Dipoto draft a Puerto Rican shortstop with so much drip he’s friends with Bad Bunny? We can get behind this. Yes, yes we can. “I like it.” “Estamos Bien”, indeed.

We go through all 20 picks. Who will debut first? Who will we see in Everett this summer? Who has the highest ceiling? Giddy up, ya’ll! It’s draft szn!

Programming note: Shout out to Evan James, who has taken over as audio engineer of the Lookout Landing podcast, and is the reason our episodes will sound much better moving forward. You can find Evan on Twitter at @EvanJamesAudio.

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