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Mariners 2021 MLB Draft Tracker: Updated with signing info, free agent signings, etc.

20 new MLB dreams start here

2021 Major Leauge Baseball Draft Photo by Mary DeCicco/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Here’s a list of every selection for the Seattle Mariners in the 2021 MLB Draft. Grant tracked the first round of the MLB Draft for you here and you can read everything from Day One there. This list will be updated with signing bonus info for each pick as it becomes available, as well as free agents signed after the draft has ended.

First round (#12): C/OF Harry Ford, North Cobb HS, Kennesaw (GA)

Signing info: Ford signs for full slot value: $4,366,400

Second round (#48): SS Edwin Arroyo Jr., Central Pointe Academy, Kissimmee (FL) (but originally from Arecibo, Puerto Rico)

Signing update: No official word yet, but multiple articles from Puerto Rico newspapers report that Arroyo has reached an overslot deal with the Mariners, although reportedly the number does not exceed $2M (slot value: $1.543M).

Update to the update: Arroyo has signed for $1,650,000.

Third round (#83): RHP Michael Morales, East Pennsboro HS (Enola, PA)

Signing update: Morales has signed an overslot deal for $1,500,000 (slot value $733,100).

Fourth round (#114): RHP Bryce Miller, Texas A&M

Signing update: signed for $400,000 (slot value: $512,400)

For the writeups for rounds five through ten, click here.

Fifth Round (#144): C Andy Thomas, Baylor

Signing update: signed for $25,000 (slot value: $379,000)

Sixth round (#174): RHP Bryan Woo (Cal Poly)

Signing update: signed for $318,200 (slot value: $286,500)

Seventh round (#204): OF Colin Davis (Wofford College)

Signing update: signed for $150,000 (slot value: $224,000)

Eighth round (#234): SS James Parker (South Carolina)

Signing update: signed for $150,000 (slot value: $178,600)

Ninth round (#264): OF Spencer Packard (Campbell)

Signing update: signed for $25,000 (slot value: $156,100)

Tenth round (#294): RHP Jordan Jackson (Georgia Southern)

Signing update: signed for $25,000 (slot value: $146,300)

Writeups on all Day Three picks are now live right here!

Total bonus pool for rounds 1-10: $8,526,000

Signing bonus total for rounds 1-10: $8,609,600

The math-enabled among you will note that is an overage of $83,600. The Mariners won’t be penalized draft picks for going over budget, as every team is permitted to go slightly over with a financial penalty of 75% on the overage provided they stay under a 5% overage. (Teams are only penalized a first-round draft pick if they go 5% or more over, and higher overages have progressive penalties. Since the current draft bonus rules were enacted in 2012, no team has gone over their draft pool by 5% or more.) That means the Mariners can go up to about $426,000 over their pool without losing a draft pick, although they are “taxed” by MLB on however much over they go.

For rounds 11-20, the standard slot bonus is $125,000. Any bonus above that counts against the bonus pool for rounds 1-10.

Eleventh round (#324): RHP William Fleming (Wake Forest)

Twelfth round (#354): OF Corey Rosier (UNC Greensboro)

Signing update: signed for $125,000

Thirteenth round (#384): SS Ben Ramirez (Southern California)

Signing update: signed for $100,000

Fourteenth round (#414): RHP Andrew Moore (Chipola)

Signing update: signed for $125,000

Fifteenth round (#444): 3B Cole Barr (Indiana)

Signing update: signed for $25,000

Sixteenth round (#474): RHP Jimmy Joyce Jr. (Hofstra)

Signing update: signed for $25,000

Seventeenth round (#504): RHP Jimmy Kingsbury (Villanova)

Signing update: signed for $25,0000

Eighteenth round (#534): RHP Riley Davis (Alabama-Birmingham)

Signing update: signed for $75,000

Nineteenth round (#564): C Charlie Welch (Arkansas)

Signing update: signed for $125,000

Twentieth round (#594): RHP Troy Taylor (Cypress College)

Free Agent signings:

Now that the Draft has ended, the Mariners can sign any eligible undrafted player for a maximum of $20,000.

LHP Peyton Alford (Virginia Tech)

A senior sign who began his career at Walters State CC, Alford struck out 91 batters in 68 innings in 2021; he pitched in 12 games in the Cape Cod League in 2019 and struck out 23 batters in 27.1 innings. He also participated in the MLB Draft League this summer, posting spin rates on his fastball of 2500+.

OF Randy Bednar (Maryland)

Another senior sign and the 2021 Terps team captain, Bednar was one of the few players who got off to a white-hot start in the shortened 2020 season, although he was able to continue that improvement as a senior after getting off to a slower start in his college career. Bednar can really hit, with ham hock-sized forearms, and profiles as a Ty France-like top-of-the-order bat with thump, although with more defensive versatility in the outfield and some good speed.

RHP JP Williams (Nova Southeastern)

Williams is another player who participated in the MLB Draft League, where he led the league during the first half with a 0.87 ERA and a 30:8 K:BB ratio. He joins another Nova Southeastern alum, C Jake Anchía, in the Mariners system.