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6/8/21: Open Game Thread


Seattle Mariners v Houston Astros
welcome back, shed!
Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

After a flurry of roster moves on Monday’s almost league-wide sabbatical, Mariners baseball returns this afternoon. Be honest with yourself: did you really miss it?

This series is sure to reopen a few not-quite-healed emotional wounds for Mariners fans, considering the absolute smack-down the team got the last time it faced Detroit. As Jake notes in his series preview, however, this time around the Mariners will only have to face one of the pitchers that dominated the team’s weak lineup.

Today, it will be King County’s own LHP Matthew Boyd on the mound for the Tigers, up against still-recovering Marco Gonzales. Per Servais, the latter remains on a short leash, with his limits hovering around 70 pitches and 5 innings.

As for the hitting, well...

mariners pr

The M’s lineup continues to look susceptible to no-hit bids. At least today we have the return of bespectacled ‘Bama boy and noted college softball aficionado Shed Long, Jr. to make this game worth a look.

Jake “Rake” “Norse God of Walks” “King of the TTOs” “Noted Power Hitter” Fraley is out of the lineup, meaning we get Donovan “Literal Infielder” Walton in LF today. Get well soon, KLew.

One final note of good news, it sounds like Kikuchi won’t have to miss even one start after his comebacker injury in Anaheim.

I’m pretty sure if I took a batted ball to my leg I would require amputation, so Yusei must be one sturdy lefty.

Game Time: 4:10 PM Pacific

TV: ROOT Sports NW

Radio: 710 ESPN Seattle

UPDATE: Rain Delays start time to 4:45 PM PST