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6/5/21: Open Game Thread

Mariners look to swipe the series lead as Yusei Kikuchi takes the mound

Oakland Athletics v Seattle Mariners
“ichi, all due respect, but i’m not going to try to throw it submariner-style during a game. retirement is getting to you, man.”
Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

(Don Pardo rises from the dead) “It’s Saturday Night Baseballllllllll!!!!!”

Ahem, yes, is this thing on? Hi, it’s Eric and I’m covering the baseball action tonight for the first time in quite a while. How’s everyone doing? Shoutout to all the fellow parents out there who had the unfortunate timing of having a baby during a pandemic. Hope you’re surviving and starting to stick your head out a bit and enjoy life again. I know I’m starting to get there! Feels pretty good!

Anyways, the Mariners are playing the sentient pile of schadenfreude known as the Angels tonight, and here are the lineups!

Roster moves and news! Return of the Steck!

Game time: 7:07 PM
Radio: 710 AM
TV: ROOT Sports Northwest