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FanPost Friday: Your earliest baseball memory

Mariners-related or not, let’s hear about the first time a baseball gripped you

The Seattle Kingdome lies flattened by the force o Photo credit should read DAN LEVINE/AFP via Getty Images

Hello! It’s Friday, once again. You made it. Let’s not worry about the current state of the Mariners for a moment and just take a deep dive into the ol’ memory banks. I’ve got two prompts for you this week, folks. Feel free to answer in the comments, or if you’ve got a compelling story to tell, go ahead and make it a FanPost and we’ll share them on the front page over the weekend.

  • What is your earliest baseball memory?
  • What is your first Mariners memory?

If they are one and same, then great! I am curious to see how many folks have a specific first baseball memory that doesn’t involve the Mariners.

Seattle Mariners Team Portrait Photo by Transcendental Graphics/Getty Images

Bonus! Last week’s poll results!

Last week’s FPF was all about whether or not you’ve gone to any games this year, and the results were pretty interesting! As always, I appreciate y’all’s participation.

This one ended up being closer after a week than it was initially, as it was leaning to the “No” side much more strongly.

Pretty widely dispersed results for this one. I think the “I don’t live the area” option was probably not the best choice to include as it really skewed things and if you chose that answer, then the whole set of questions isn’t really geared toward you! Whoops! So, beyond that one, the next two top choices seem pretty accurate.

This one is pretty encouraging for how people are feeling about the evolving state of the pandemic and feeling more safe about going to big events like ball games. Yay! Optimism! People are excited to go places, even if it means watching the Mariners play baseball! Woohoo!

All right, that’s all for this week. Here’s to enjoying some gleeful beatdowns of the Angels this weekend and may all our prospects hit dingers and prosper.