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6/27/21: Open Game Thread (Game 1)

It’ll be a weird one, folks

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Hello, and welcome to another edition of... brunch baseball! If you’re lucky enough to have air conditioning, huddle up next to that AC unit as you watch today’s continuation of yesterday’s suspended game.

If you’re not so lucky, perhaps find a way to watch the game in your basement?

If you have neither AC nor basement, I’m sorry. Freeze some wet washcloths and rotate out which one you plaster to your face. It does work!

The suspended game is going to do weird things to the pitching rotations of both teams. Logan Gilbert and Lance Lynn started yesterday’s game, each performing admirably in their few innings of work. For the continuation, the Mariners will be handing the ball to Héctor Santiago. Santiago hasn’t pitched since Wednesday, and his high mark for innings pitched in a game this season is 3.0. The Mariners would like to at least get that out of him today.

That’ll be especially important, since it isn’t clear who’s going to start today’s second game for the Mariners. Marco Gonzales had previously been projected to make the start, but the Mariners just placed him on paternity leave today. The regular Mariner starter with the most rest is Chris Flexen, who pitched five days ago. As the team’s been sticking with a six-man rotation, it would seem unlikely that Flexen will be pressed into duty so soon. Rather, with today’s second game set to last just seven innings, it seems likely that the Mariners will try to gut out a bullpen game.

Neither team made a substitution yesterday, so the lineups will be exactly the same save the starting pitchers.

Game time: 11:10 AM PST

TV: Root Sports NW

Radio: 710 AM ESPN Seattle