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6/26/21: Open Game Thread

it’s a stormy day on the shores of lake michigan, also maybe there’s a tornado?

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Seattle Mariners
i swear i tried to pick a flattering one, logi
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports


Full disclosure: looking at the weather reports from Chicago, this game is on some thin ice weather-wise. Here’s hoping they can squeeze it in between thunderstorms, but don’t be surprised to hear about a postponement. I know it’s hard to imagine anything other than a Venusian hellscape at the moment, but feel free to close your eyes, forget about the blazing sun, and just try to picture rain.

Fuller disclosure: I wrote that before we got, uh, this update from the White Sox about a tornado warning in Chicago:

So yeah. This game is in all likelihood not happening, but just in case it is, feel free to read on.

If Zeus’ thunderous ways are, in fact, tamed in time for baseball, Logan Gilbert stands to take on Lance Lynn, and their respective offenses stand to line up like so:

I understand that Murphy can’t catch every day, but I think not putting Mike Piazz- excuse me, Luis Torrens in the DH spot is a mistake against Lance Lynn. Catcher Luis Torrens just doesn’t seem to have the same pop.

Both lineups are roughly standard-issue from these injury-ridden teams, though despite having listened to yesterday’s game, I’ll admit I had to look up Brian Goodwin to figure out just who in the world he is. Apparently he was 2018’s 52nd best prospect and the Angels’ 2020 Opening Day right fielder and also that guy from the... Packy Naughton (???) trade with the Reds. What in the OOTP random generation is this guy?

Alright, that’s plenty, it’s hot and I’m sweaty from typing.

UPDATED UPDATED Game Time: 12:15 Pacific (check this space for further rain/tornado/apocalypse updates)

TV: ROOT Sports NW

Radio: 710 ESPN Seattle