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FanPost Friday: Biggest surprise and disappointment of the 2021 Seattle Mariners so far

Remember when the season was already over at this point last year? Yeah, me neither

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Seattle Mariners
punching mike z seems like a poor life choice, but you do you!
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Hello and welcome back to FanPost Friday, now with 50% more HEAT, and I’m not talkin’ hot takes here! (rim shot) But seriously, stay safe in the heatwave this weekend, folks!

Anyways, as of today the Mariners are five games away from the official halfway point of the 2021 season, so this week’s prompt is slightly premature, but we’ve still got enough of a sample size for the sake of this exercise.

MLB: Colorado Rockies at Seattle Mariners Stephen Brashear-USA TODAY Sports

In the comments below or in your own fancy FanPost, give me:

  1. The Mariners player who has surprised you the most so far in 2021
  2. The Mariners player who has been the biggest disappointment to you so far in 2021

Go back to the offseason (shudder) and Spring Training and think about your expectations from some of these players and how they’ve stacked up. Who has come out of nowhere and impressed you compared to how you regarded them before the season started? Who has completely fallen short of even your most modest expectations?

Tell us all about it and then go vote for J.P. Crawford on the All-Star Game ballot (if he makes the first cut, which is apparently a thing now?). He’s earned it.

Last week’s poll results

Seems like y’all enjoyed the minor league promotion dice-roll polls quite a bit! An overwhelming majority agrees that Cal Raleigh should be called up this season, and most folks think it will be in July. I tend to agree!

July was also the lead vote-getter for promotions to their respective next levels for Julio Rodríguez and Noelvi Marte. Could be an exciting month across the whole org!

Finally, the speculation on pitcher promotions was not quite as unanimous with so many tempting choices across most levels of the farm, but 2019 first round pick George Kirby is your winner with 2020 first rounder Emerson Hancock not too far behind.

Here’s to good health and positive developments on the farm. Once again, be safe this weekend and try to stay cool!