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6/22/21: SEA vs. COL open game thread

I’m a Chris Flexen guy, myself

Minnesota Twins v Seattle Mariners
C is for Cookie (no cookies please Flex)
Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

If the Mariners should get swept this series, please direct all blame to staff writer Jake Mailhot, whose series preview title today caused much consternation and chiding from Twitter Reply Guys to respect your opponent. Okay, and while it would be very on-brand for the Mariners to get swept by one of the worst teams in baseball, also, the Rockies are, as Jake pointed out, pretty bad. Please don’t get swept by an objectively bad team, Mariners [glares in Detroit series].

The Rockies annoyed me today by waiting until an hour before gametime to release their lineup. Bad Rockies! The reason for the delay was apparently some movement as Chris Owings came off the IL:

...Although Owings isn’t even in the lineup? But I guess we’ll see him tomorrow, probably.

Today’s game starts at 7:10 PT and will be seeing you in all the old familiar places, on the radio on 710 ESPN and on TV on ROOT Sports NW. If you have MLB TV and are out-of-market you can watch there, or if you’re in market and don’t have MLB TV you can watch the free game of the day, which is the Dodgers at San Diego, and that is probably a fun game.