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TBR at SEA: Open Game Thread

Happy arbitrary paternity day to all who celebrate

Seattle Mariners v Kansas City Royals
Me, scrambling to put up this thread

Oops. Game starts soon. Sorry for late thread, too busy celebrating Raffi.

Final game of the series, M’s already have notched the series win but we’re greedy now. Sweepsmas calls. Give me your dusty, your disheveled, your huddled bristles yearning to wave free.

Here’s today’s lineup, along with other fun little game notes nuggets if you click the link. Not shilling for the team, but as a former game notes/press clippings grunt it’s always nice to appreciate the work of fellow lowly PR toilers.

It’ll be Marco’s first Father’s Day as a soon-to-be dad, so here’s hoping that he can channel some of the ‘ol paternity power into a solid outing today. The sun is shining, those sweet, sweet cream unis are on, and the baseball is just around the - oh crumbs - it’s already begun!

Game Time: Now!!

TV: ROOT Sports NW,

Radio: 710 ESPN Seattle, MLB At Bat