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Lookout Landing Podcast 161: The Daniel Zamora Era

Two new hires, a whole new vibe

Jack Mayfield vibes for the Seattle Mariners
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Hello Lookout Landing!

My name is Evan James and I have taken over podcast duties for our dearly departed (to bigger and better things) Matthew Roberson. While I know I can never match his energy and I certainly can’t imitate his accents or impressions (RIP “New York Guy”) I hope to bring a unique perspective of my very own.

This episode we introduce myself and Addie, our new staff writer who has been doing recaps lately. We have a little state of the union regarding the Mariners, discussing the highs of JP Crawford and the lows of Kyle Lewis’s injury. We reminisce about the “Daniel Zamora Era” which marks a fraught time for the Mariners struggling bullpen. We speculate a bit on whom the Mariners might kick the tires on in free agency, despair about the still open wounds inflicted by Kevin Mather, and ultimately ponder the myriad of outcomes for the current rebuild. We wonder why Cal Raleigh hasn’t been recalled while marveling at his current hot streak in AAA, and try to understand the Mariners major league catching situation. Lastly, we examine the “Foreign Substance” crisis, and the response from both the MLB and the players most affected.

You can find Addie on twitter, and you can find me on Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and through my Website. We’re both very excited to be a part of LL, and I hope you guys enjoy our contributions as we move forward.