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6/2/21: SEA vs. OAK open game thread

maybe this time let’s have the bullpen not blow the game late? just spitballing here.

Oakland Athletics v Seattle Mariners
I don’t know what this is but I love it
Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Posting this game thread on my way to MLB’s central offices to complain about the Mariners having to play the AL West for 14 games straight with the A’s accounting for six of those games after barely seeing any AL West teams so far this season. This is like picking up a piece of sushi with a giant wad of kelly-green wasabi on it, thinking it’ll probably be fine, and then promptly experiencing the sensation of your sinuses attempting to ascend to a higher celestial plane. Playing the A’s: it’s never fine.

A day off for Jarred Kelenic and Kyle Lewis seemingly headed to the IL brings us a Haniger-Trammell-Fraley outfield, which is 3/3 outfielders, so I approve. Jacob Nottingham takes on the DH duties, because sure. Side note: I did not realize how big and strong Nottingham is until Tom Murphy’s walkoff when Nottingham picked him up and threw Murph around like a rag doll. That takes some doing.

Speaking of KLew, the news, it is not good:

It takes a lot for Mariners-related news to actually, physically hurt me, but this feels like getting punched in the stomach. I feel awful for KLew.

In good news! Dylan Moore, aka the Mariners’ third-best hitter by wRC+ in May despite going on the IL halfway through the month, is about ready to start a rehab assignment. Evan White, per Shannon Drayer, is still trailing a bit behind Moore in getting ready to start playing in games again, although both took BP at T-Mobile the other day.

Oh wait! Some more bad news:

As a lover of a good curveball, I am excited to see Robert Dugger return, but not like this. Not like this.

Tonight’s game starts at 7:10 PM, and you can find it on all the usual bat-channels (710 ESPN on the radio, ROOT Sports NW for TV, or MLB TV if you’re an out-of-area subscriber. We aren’t the free game of the day, but we’re also not the YouTube game, something that seemingly has still persisted, so at least there’s that.