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6/15/21: Open Game Thread

Would changing the Twins’ name to the Minnesota Geminis make baseball more appealing to teens? My column:

Minnesota Twins v Seattle Mariners
“omg it’s nelson cruz!”
Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Yesterday’s narrow victory showcased the futilities each team has faced this season, perhaps best illustrated by Jake Bauers’ go-ahead dinger being a home run in Seattle and Seattle only.

With a win today, the Mariners would find themselves in a three game win streak and a game behind .500. The season so far has felt like a tightrope walk of “game above”/”game under” .500 moments, and barring a lengthy win or loss streak, that seems likely to continue with no end in sight.

Today, southpaw and former Mariner J.A. Happ faces off against the Mariners’ lefty-heavy lineup, which includes a recently-reactivated righty Luis Torrens DH’ing out of the 8-hole.

In case you’re dying to think more about the Mariners between now and first pitch, Mikey has a lovely, all-encompassing write-up on Jake Fraley’s recent successes ready to go for you.

And, because this team insists on being baffling, yet frustratingly lovable, at every turn, whatever this is happened today:

It doesn’t help tonight, but here’s Divish with a positive update on Haniger’s status:

That means we can get back to an outfield with at least two (2) actual outfielders in it before long. I don’t ask for much, I really don’t.

The roof is closed thanks to the dreary, potentially stormy, forecast for the evening, but we should be in for lovely weather starting tomorrow.

(UPDATE 6:40 PM: I’ve been informed that the roof is now open! The clouds seem to have partially cleared.)

That’s it from your local recapper/weatherwoman for now, see you on the chart side.

Game time: 7:10 Pacific

TV: Root Sports NW

Radio: 710 ESPN Seattle