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Mariners Moose Tracks, 6/13/21: Tim Lopes, Mudcat Grant, Luis Severino, Shoebill Staccato

Some Mariner-free Sunday morning links

Actress Doris Day Eating Hot Dog
Mudcat Grant and Doris Day enjoying some sandwiches

Yesterday the Mariners played what was, in my opinion, the worst game of the season to date, and exhausted my patience to the point where I had to punt today’s recap, usually my purview, to Isabelle. Be nice to her in the comments, or else. Meanwhile, here are some refreshingly non-Mariners news items to think about:

In Mariners news:

Nope! Nothing to see here. Move along.

Around the League:

  • In former Mariners news: Vidal Nuño has a new job.

Kate’s pick:

In bird news, I have been complaining about the noisy Steller’s Jays in my yard (NOT blue jays, take note), but those tiny blue pests have nothing on these showstopping shoebills: