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5/7/21: SEA at TEX open game thread

Seattle visits Texas for what promises to be, uh, some not-good baseball

Boston Red Sox v Texas Rangers
joey gallo here is a Big Mood
Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Matchups like these are what give Rob Manfred the itchies when putting together the MLB schedule and send him scurrying off to tinker with the minors to shave even more time off the game (finally saw the Low-A pickoff move limit in action in Modesto’s game the other day and it is just as stupid as I thought it’d be).

Trammell and White remain with the big club, although dropped all the way down to the eighth and ninth places in the batting order, which means we get J.P. Crawford hitting fifth. Sure, whatever. With Triple-A officially in swing, though, I’d be very surprised if we didn’t see White or Trammell or both get a breather in Triple-A, where neither have played before. Everyone should get to take that road trip to Vegas once, in my opinion. Sam Haggerty is also out of the lineup today, and I find myself feeling unexpectedly forlorn about that. This is what the 2021 Mariners have done to me, people.

Tonight’s game kicks off at 5:05 PT because we’re on Texas Time now, and you can find it on all the old familiar channels. Also, if you’re inclined, tonight’s Rainiers game features a real firecracker of a matchup with Logan Gilbert and MacKenzie Gore; you can watch on MiLB TV if you have a subscription or some tickets are still available if you want to head over to Cheney. Actually, every pitching matchup in the system tonight is a good one (Taylor Dollard for Modesto, George Kirby for Everett, Penn Murfee for Arkansas), so maybe consider MiLB TV if you haven’t yet (enter promo code AQUASOX for $10 off!).