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They Might Be Mariners, Ep. 26: 2021 Minor League Season Preview!

The youths are back.

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Mariners Player Development on Twitter

It’s been what felt like a decade, and in actuality was a year and a half on the Gregorian Calendar, but official, affiliated Minor League Baseball has returned at last. Our prospect team of Kate, Joe, and John are over the moon, and absolutely elated at the chance to see old friends and (functionally) new faces playing on a near-nightly basis yet again. The reoriented minor league schedule has no shortage of new tricks up its sleeves, including a schedule that leaves Monday as an off day every week, at every level except AAA.

Nonetheless, from the intriguing arms and Latin lineup of Modesto to the prospect-drenched Everett pitching staff AND position player group, to the few hungry youngsters and longtime farm hands in Arkansas, to the three guys most likely to play in Seattle in the next few months licking their chops in Tacoma, we’ve got you covered on everything you need to know for a summer of minor league baseball. Thank you to everyone who sent us questions on Twitter, ranging from topics like “who is first called up after Jarred Kelenic, Logan Gilbert, and Cal Raleigh” to “can the Seattle Mariners please develop some hitting the offense is miserable to watch right now”.

Music: “Chances” by KAYTRANADA

Programming note: Shout out to Evan James, who has taken over as audio engineer of the Lookout Landing podcast, and is the reason our episodes will sound much better moving forward. You can find Evan on Twitter at @EvanJamesAudio.

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