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Lookout Landing Podcast 158: “Why I’m a Mariners Fan” with hip-hop producer Jake One

The Seattle native has worked with some big names, but his true inspiration is a man who tossed peanuts behind his back

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It’s a banner episode for the show, as Seattle hip-hop legend Jake One aka Flamie Moyer blesses the mic. A huge thank you goes out to our audio engineer, Evan James, for adding some funk to the intro. Jake usually makes his bones on the production side, which means he can still do his job from home. Which old white man sport (other than baseball) has he leaned into during the pandemic?

When it comes time to talk about the Mariners, Jake takes us back to his favorite Kingdome memories from his summers in the ‘80s. Mike Schooler and Phil Bradley, stand up. When his career started to take off in the early 2000s, how did Jake’s baseball fandom evolve? One thing that took his career to a new level was making John Cena’s entrance music. Has he ever thought about making a walkup song for a ball player?

Baseball and hip-hop aren’t exactly a natural marriage. How do we get baseball on the same level of mainstream coolness as basketball or football? Is it even possible? Which rapper that Jake has worked with is the biggest baseball fan? Which one faked it all the way to an MLB Network appearance? Jake shouts out a Dave Magadan name drop in an early Fat Joe track, leading Matthew to list some of his favorite baseball bars. Finally, let us praise the man, the myth, the legend: Rick the Peanut Guy.

Music (both produced by Jake!): “Betta Ask Somebody” by G-Unit // “Forgive Me” by Chloe x Halle

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