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Mariners Moose Tracks, 5/30/21: Erik Swanson, Sam Carlson, Josh Donaldson is Mr. 20 Million

Summer Sunday links for you!

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Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Hello my little Sunday chickadees. It’s Memorial Day Weekend, the unofficial kickoff to summer, the sun is shining in Seattle, and the Mariners are on a little hot streak after winning back-to-back series against two AL West foes. The only thing that could make this better? Some fresh hot summery Sunday links, of course.

In Mariners news:

  • Rude to harsh everyone’s buzz so early, but alas, in case you missed it, Erik Swanson is the latest Mariners bullpen casualty, heading to the 10-day IL with a groin strain. On the bright side, Will Vest has been cleared to be released from quarantine. On the less-bright side, Kendall Graveman has not.
  • It was a good day for the affiliates yesterday, with Everett, Modesto, and Tacoma all winning. Plenty of highlights to read about in tomorrow’s Midshipmen’s Log, but let’s focus for now on Modesto’s Sam Carlson, who earned his first pro win yesterday, pitching six innings of two-run (one earned, on a solo HR) ball with nine strikeouts and two walks in Modesto’s 16-5 win. SCarl has had a long road back from TJ surgery, and we’re so happy for him. Congrats, Sam!

Around the league:

Kate’s pick:

A disturbing number of my friends and acquaintances split up during quarantine, so I was heartened by this story from the National Audubon Society about two of the world’s oldest Common Loons, who are also apparently a Common Loon power couple and parents of the year, based at the Seney Refuge in Michigan. Love is real!

And for those of you who just like shiny bird pictures, New Bird Just Dropped, just in time for Pride: