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5/29/21: Open Game Thread

let’s take a series!

Seattle Mariners v Oakland Athletics
aw yeah, it’s catcher time
Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

What a difference a week makes, huh? After consecutive sweeps at the hand of the Tigers (the Tigers! Goodness.) and Padres, the Mariners headed to Oakland with the fanbase morale at a season low. Naturally, they took two out of three there, have now won four out of their last five, and can clinch a second straight series win with a victory tonight.

It’s Kyle Seager’s turn to DH today, and I have to say, I’ve liked how Scott Servais has treated that spot as a rotating half-day to keep the regulars fresh - although I’m less thrilled about Eric Campbell filling in at third. Once again, the bottom third of the lineup feels markedly worse than the top six, but Donovan Walton hit a couple balls hard last night with nothing to show for it. Maybe he’ll check in tonight. José Godoy getting the start behind the plate is a welcome sight, as well, and it’ll be interesting to see how he calls a Justin Dunn start.

Dunn’s FIP beating ways have continued, and he’s facing a team who he handled quite effectively over three starts in 2020; although this version of Texas’s lineup is a good deal more potent than last years. If he can somehow work in his seldom-used changeup against a lefty-heavy Rangers batting order, I’d feel a lot more confident in his chances. Let’s hope he can make it work!

Game Time: 7:10pm PDT

TV: ROOT Sports NW,

Radio: 710 ESPN Seattle, MLB At Bat