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5/23/21: SEA at SD Open Game Thread

with extra bonus bad news!

Cleveland Indians v Seattle Mariners
happier times
Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Okay. Get a big mug of strong coffee or your beverage of choice because there are some rough waters ahead. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Today the Mariners play the Padres. In good news, the Mariners only lost by two runs last night, instead of the bazillion they lost by on Friday. In less-good news, this is today’s lineup:

That is...sure a lineup.

Also the Padres are starting Yu Darvish. So. There’s that.

Then there’s also some news:


Then there’s also this news, which will likely provoke much stronger feelings:

As Ryan Divish pointed out, there’s no injury listed for Graveman, so maybe this is a COVID protocol thing, and maybe it’ll be a short stint like Misiewicz and Vest’s were. That is what I am choosing to believe, at least.

In better news:

How fast can you get here, Shed?

Should you choose to subject yourself to this game, it begins at 1:10 PM and you can find it on all the normal bat-channels. Should you choose not to, well, that’s also a perfectly valid choice.