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5/19/21: Open Game Thread

so you came crawling back for more, huh?

Detroit Tigers v Seattle Mariners Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Let me get this straight: you watched the Mariners get no-hit last night, for the second time in this still-young season, and now you’re back to watch them again? Good lord.

Lucky for you, the Mariners have one more chance to make the Tigers look like the bad team they are, rather than a ‘90s Braves team redux.

What follows is a list of pros and cons regarding the likelihood of that outcome.

Pro: Logan Gilbert makes his second-ever MLB start!

Con: He better be mentally prepared to get the Félix treatment tonight, because that seems to be what’s on tap this series.

Pro: Tarik Skubal is on the mound for the Tigers, and he is very, very bad! In 33 IP this season, Skubal has an ERA of 5.73 and a FIP of 7.32, so the Mariners bats would have to be seriously broken to struggle against him.

Con: The lineup today is actually even worse than yesterday’s on account of the following roster move:

I hate it here.

On a final note, Servais suggests the leash on LoGi is a bit longer than last time, with a caveat:

Let’s get some hits for him, early and often, please.


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Game time: 7:10 PM PDT

TV: Root Sports NW,

Radio: 710 AM ESPN Seattle