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Lookout Landing Podcast 159: Happy Jarred Kelenic (and Logan Gilbert) Day!

Let the kids play, and hopefully hit at the top of the order

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Seattle Mariners v Milwaukee Brewers
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The day has come! Two of our supposed saviors are finally in Seattle, and they’re playing on Thursday night at T-Mobile. It’s been a season of deflation in a lot of ways, so does this news put the air back in our bouncy house? That’s really for Jarred Kelenic to decide. Thank heavens they were able to get that important development in Tacoma. Matthew reminds everyone that Brodie van Wagenen is the driving force that made this happen, while also revealing that he tried to record this song only to realize that his voice was trash. Do we have any concerns about Kelenic’s game?

While we were having a nice, relaxing talk, the news that Logan Gilbert was also coming up came across the wire. We react calmly and normally. Is it a little messed up that Gilbert’s first start will naturally get overshadowed by his left fielder? Do we think that was maybe part of the plan all along? Kate warns us not to sleep on Gilbert’s competitiveness, even if it’s less outward than his blonde-haired teammate.

More questions about Kelenic include:

  • Is it possible to be...too strong?
  • Where does he hit in the lineup?
  • Could he be the best left fielder in team history? How long will it take for him to join that conversation?
  • How do we feel about him as a person?

The listeners want to know what our definition of success would be for these rugrats, who will be on the receiving end of Kelenic’s first pimp job, and how much fans should tame their expectations to avoid getting over their skis. The last part of the show is dedicated to fighting one of nature’s most adorable birds.

Music: “24 Hours” by Sky Ferreira // “100% Pure Love” by Crystal Waters

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