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5/11/21: SEA at LAD Open Game Thread

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MLB: AUG 18 Mariners at Dodgers
the most heated rivalry in mlb
Photo by Kiyoshi Mio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Mariners are, inexplicably, scheduled to play games today and tomorrow, forcing fans to slog through two more Kelenic-less lineups. Logistically, this makes complete sense, but it does feel like being told to eat your veggies before being allowed to have dessert.

Here’s how the two teams look going into the game three of the Seager Cup:

mariners pr (the real one)

Hold on, only nine lines? Oh, that’s right, it’s almost mid-May and the M’s are making their first appearance in a National League park, meaning we’ll get the pleasure of pitcher plate appearances. J.P is back up in the leadoff spot, and D-Mo is making an appearance in left field that just may be the penultimate start of a non-outfielder in the outfield.

Jake has you covered with the lowdown on the Dodgers’ recent downturn, as they have fallen from an MLB-leading 13-2 record to 18-17, hovering no further above .500 than the lackluster Mariners.

If you’d like some reading between now and the game, Kate debunked the myth of Corey’s brother’s “slow starts” here, and the ever-hardworking Matthew Roberson did a deep dive into Ty France’s offensive struggles since April 19, which you can find here.

Now eat up, your green beans are getting cold.

Game Time: 7:10pm PDT

TV: ROOT Sports NW, (Free Game of the Day, out of market only)

Radio: 710 ESPN Seattle