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Lookout Landing Podcast 155: Oh no, the Mariners are happening


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Chicago White Sox v Seattle Mariners Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Matthew and Kate put their heads together and try to figure out how to save the Mariners’ season, which is only a week old and not even that bad record-wise. They are already hurting us. It was pretty evident that the White Sox were going to samurai sword the Mariners, but will that happen every time the M’s face an above-average team? At least, as the noble podcasters agree, they showed us their true colors right from the beginning. The 13-2 Mariners from 2019 are not walking through that door. A few minutes of relitigating the San Francisco and Chicago series gives way to the topic of the day: James Paxton’s no good, dirty rotten luck.

Listeners ask if we should already give up on the whole season, seemingly forgetting about on-base GAWDS like Jake Fraley and José Marmolejos. Early season statistics, they’re always funny. There’s also a conversation about pace of play that needs to be had, and the Lookout Landing podcast will surely solve it before the commissioner’s office. Now that we’ve seen every starting pitcher go at least once, let’s make some wild overreactions. Speaking of which, will this offense be unwatchable all summer, or just for right now? Come back soon, K-Lew.

If you’re looking to release some way-too-early frustration about Justin Dunn and J.P. Crawford, don’t touch that dial. Kate preaches patience when it comes to Evan White, even though his wRC+ matched his jersey number at the time of recording. Someone get that boy some potassium and a proper stretching regimen, too. Those hamstring injuries are not fun. The home stretch lets us tackle an important, yet deeply morose question. Which member of the roster can have a fun plant-based nickname now that Big Maple has been chopped down?

Programming note: Shout out to Evan James, who has taken over as audio engineer of the Lookout Landing podcast, and is the reason our episodes will sound much better moving forward. You can find Evan on Twitter at @EvanJamesAudio.

Music: “Vascular” by Public Pool // “All That” by Emotional Oranges & Channel Tres

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