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4/8/21: Mariners @ Twins Open Game Thread

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weather permitting

San Francisco Giants v Seattle Mariners
Here’s hoping for a better day at the office, Marco
Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

The injury-ridden homestand ended up a wash, and the Mariners enter their series in Minnesota with a 3-3 record. You can catch Jake’s preview of the series here, and get look into a Twins fan’s mind as Minnesota heads into yet another year of contention here.

There’s a downpour in Minneapolis at the moment, with tarps on the field to try and salvage the grass, but don’t be surprised if there’s a rain delay until mid-to-late afternoon. As of posting, it hasn’t been reported officially, but infield wizard Perry Hill is already convinced of it:

[Edit, 12:14 PM PDT: Thanks to Seattle Ginge for pointing out that I forgot how time zones work, Perry is expressing optimism that the 3 PM CDT/1 PM PDT start will go as scheduled, not indicating a possible delay. Minneapolis is dry at the moment, and there looks to be just a 30% chance of rain for the scheduled start time. Here’s hoping!]

Fittingly for the dreary weather, all the fun of yesterday’s 6th inning has been replaced by a general sense of malaise in looking at these lineups:

Courtesy of the Public Relations Department of the Seattle Mariners Baseball Club

The injuries tallied so far are beginning to make our three wins look slightly Pyhrric. Little has been shared on Paxton’s injury so far, with this morning’s update being just the words “second opinion,” “MRI,” and “no timeline” spiraling around in a vortex of pain, per Shannon Drayer and Brandon Gustafson. The word on Fraley and White is significantly better (mild strains, possibility of no IL time), but it does not make for a pretty sight when the 7-hole hitter for the Twins is Miguel Sanó and the 7-hole hitter for the Mariners is, uh, Luis Torrens. Don’t even get me started on the Byron Buxton vs. José Marmolejos cleanup hitter situation (I say this with love, José).

We should all be thankful that the Twins’ ace day still lines up with ours, because if the Berríos that faced the Brewers on April 1 shows up, facing him with anyone other than Marco would be certifiably Not Fun. Luis Arraez batting last may seem like a surprise, given his .389/.500/.444 slash line so far, but it’s because our crafty lefty should be enough to cool his hot start.

We probably won’t win this one, but it’s always a joy to see Nelly again. His smile will be a bright spot in what looks to be an otherwise dreary day.

Minnesota Twins v Milwaukee Brewers
pleading face emoji
Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Game Time: 1:10pm PDT (...hopefully)

TV: Root Sports NW

Radio: 710 ESPN Seattle