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4/6/21: Open Game Thread

Big Maple is back, and the Mariners... well...

This is one half of a baseball bat more than Sam Haggerty should ever be given
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Woof. I don’t know if the Mariners could have more effectively dampened enthusiasm for the 2021 season within the span of just one game. Yesterday was rough. Justus Sheffield was inconsistent, tempering expectations of a true breakout year. The lineup looked as hapless as some of the classic early 2010’s versions of the Mariners.

The only saving grace was Will Vest, I guess?

Fortunately, the Mariners do have one major thing going for them tonight: James Paxton makes his season debut! Paxton hasn’t made a Mariners start in nearly three years, and I don’t think I’m alone when I say I’m more excited to see him pitch than anyone else the Mariners have on their current roster.

With all of that being said, don’t expect Paxton to go terribly deep into the game tonight.

Paxton isn’t exactly durable, so I suppose it’s good to see the M’s being careful with him to start the season.

The other good news is that the Mariners are running out their best lineup tonight, minus Dylan Moore. Moore is essentially being replaced by José Marmolejos, which, sure. I’m all for taking at bats away from someone who figures to be a part of your future and giving them to someone who does not.

/stares at Sam Haggerty

Also note that if you are interested in joining the Maple Grove, they have posted resources on how you can grove virtually tonight and in future starts!

Game time: 7:10 PM PST

TV: Root Sports NW

Radio: 710 AM ESPN Seattle