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4/27/21: SEA at HOU open game thread

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gross, them again?

Houston Astros
[Orbit intensifies]
Photo by Alex Bierens de Haan/Houston Astros/MLB via Getty Images

After a Game 1 that went exactly like we thought it would, the Mariners return to action against the Astros early this evening at Minute Maid Park.

Fun fact: per the series preview, this is the game the Mariners are given the best statistical chance to win, and it’s still sub-40%. Okay, that wasn’t fun. But it was a fact. Dylan Moore gets a night off, and Kyle Lewis gets a night off from playing the field, as the Mariners enjoy the luxury of having two true center fielders on their roster for just a bit longer. And also, Sam Haggerty, left fielder. And also also, Ty France at second base, on that speedy-fast MMP infield. What could possibly go wrong?

Tonight’s game starts at 5:10 PT and you can find it on all the usual bat-channels: ROOT Sports NW (TV), 710 ESPN (radio), and MLB TV for those of you who are able to stream the baseballing.