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13-9: Chart

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Sometimes you’re the chaos, sometimes you’re the ball

Seattle Mariners v Boston Red Sox Photo by Kathryn Riley/Getty Images

Rick Rizzs pronouncing “Volvo”: Ljay Newsome, +9.5 WPA

That Mariners ad about Kyle Lewis and sabermetrics: by all rights this should be Nicky Marge, but we are going to give him a possible injury dispensation and instead anoint Ty France (-.102 WPA), who did have an RBI double but also grounded into a double play at a key moment in the eighth. Kyle Lewis (0-for-3, 2 strikeouts) is also an option here.

Mariners strikeouts: 11

Mariners walks: 1

Strikeouts issued by Mariners pitching: 6

Walks issued by Mariners pitching: 7

Hardest hit ball of the game: Dylan Moore’s double, 108.5 mph