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Lookout Landing Podcast 157: Is this real life?

Things are going well for the ol’ Mariners.....tooooo well.....

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Los Angeles Dodgers v Seattle Mariners Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Wazzzuhhh?!?!?! Matthew, Kate, and Mikey huddle around the glowing orb of winning baseball and try not to damage their eyes. The premise of this episode is simple: the Mariners’ record is good, but are the Mariners actually a good team? As many of us laid out in our recent “How much do you believe?” roundtable, the answer is probably no. The Mariners are not a good team. But right now, and maybe even for the rest of the season, they are a fun team!

Let’s play a game of Is This Real? Topics include:

  • Taylor Trammell’s strikeout rate
  • This high-wire bullpen act
  • Chaos as a market inefficiency

Matthew coins a new term to describe the Mariners’ top three hitters, drawing inspiration from the highest-grossing American film of 1987. The Marmo-Marco early season polarity is discussed, and the gang re-analyzes their preseason predictions.

NOTE: Evan James, our beautiful and hard-working audio engineer, suspects someone in the group had laggy internet during the recording. This led to a couple moments of us unknowingly talking over each other, as well as a few awkward pauses. Such is life.

A sparkling waterfall of listener questions brings up some good points. If the Mariners are around .500 in July, does Kyle Seager stick around until the end? Is Seager leaving after this year even the inevitability we thought it was, or is it possible that Kevin Mather actually had no idea what was going on? If the Mariners keep Kyle, does that mean they can add a Corey? Kate puts her actual flesh on the line in the name of hot takes.

Music: “4am - Bay Bridge Music” by Andre Nickatina & Equipto // “Busy” by Jawbreaker

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