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Lookout Landing Podcast 156: Bullpen woes and Baltimore woos

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Hitting on the mostly ups and few nagging downs of the M’s first road trip.

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Seattle Mariners v Baltimore Orioles Game 1 Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Good morning to your first place Seattle Mariners, frustrating and fascinating in, well, not equal measure, but hefty sums. With Matthew traipsing along the coastline of the Pacific Ocean, John and Kate commandeer the helm and break down their pleasant surprises and early disappointments, digging beyond the still-stinging loss of James Paxton and looking at a few starters who had more encouraging outings on Thursday. We talk Taylor Trammell, both in context of the present and future, with an eye on the ‘ol service time manipulation requirement counter for Mr. Jarred Kelenic, which has ticked down to zero and is now smoking and threatening to burst.

Also highlighted: the bullpen! Is this just what it’s going to be with John Stanton pulling out the empty pockets of his casual fit Fendi slacks and making a frowny face at M’s fans? As exciting as this club has shown it has the capacity to be, their penny pinching has already cost them a few games and should likely have cost them more with a bullpen of question marks. How does that lack of effort impact our enthusiasm to get out to the ballpark itself? We finish with a discussion of what other clubs and players have caught our eye league-wide, as well as our... genuine excitement(!) at the Astros coming to town as a test for these young, plucky M’s.

Music: “Foreplay” - Jalen Santoy

Programming note: Shout out to Evan James, who has taken over as audio engineer of the Lookout Landing podcast, and is the reason our episodes will sound much better moving forward. You can find Evan on Twitter at @EvanJamesAudio.

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