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4/13/21: Open Game Thread the Second

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* donkey voice * let’s do that again!!

Seattle Mariners v Baltimore Orioles Game 1 Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Weird baseball struck again in Game 1, with the Mariners winning their third extra inning game in as many tries - in the eighth inning, no less! Kate will have the recap of the opener later in the day. For now, we’ll soak up all the good feelings of a win to kick off the doubleheader before we dive into the late-afternooncap.

I, for one, am glad to see Evan White sitting in Game 2. He was moving gingerly on the basepaths throughout the first game, and it wouldn’t be a huge surprise if he went on the injured list after this doubleheader gets wrapped up. It looks like Dylan Moore is just fine given he’s in right today, and Sam Haggerty will round out the bottom of the order over Braden Bishop. Here’s hoping for an easy win with a nice run differential, and enjoy that great new game thread smell.

Game Time: 4:15pm PDT (soon!)

TV: ROOT Sports NW,

Radio: 710 ESPN Seattle, MLB At Bat