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4/11/21: Open Game Thread

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The M’s take a crack at a second series win.

San Francisco Giants v Seattle Mariners
Hey Chris, where’s home plate
Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Remember the halcyon times of 2018-2020, when the Mariners inexplicably had 2-3 good hitting catchers carrying their offensive production? Omar Narváez is in Milwaukee now, Austin Nola is part of a full playoff contender’s worth of players on San Diego’s injured list, but Tom Murphy and Luis Torrens are both starting for your Seattle Mariners today. In this case I do mean YOUR, like a parent might refer to a child as YOUR son to their partner when they broke a window or spilled yogurt all over themselves again. YOUR Mariners should know better than to squeeze the yogurt tube that hard, but do they listen? Nooooo.

This will be Matt Shoemaker’s 14th career start against the Mariners, second-most to only the Oakland Athletics. Seattle hasn’t seen The Cobbler since 2018, however, when he last was a member of the Angels organization. His easterly travels took him to Toronto and now the Minnesota Twins. The M’s starter, Chris Flexen, threw five shutout in his big league return, and hopes to build on that while continuing to insert himself into the rotation every time today’s recapper (to be named later) signs up on the schedule. Today is also the first start for Braden Bishop of the season, giving the M’s their best possible defensive outfielders in exchange for a rest day for Dylan Moore.

Grab yourself something brunchable and/or munchable. Unfortunately, Evan White will once again be unavailable along with the rest of us.

Game Time: 11:10 AM PT
Radio: 710 AM ESPN
Online: MLB.TV