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Lookout Landing Podcast 154: Opening Day 2021, let’s have some fun

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Mailbag questions and predictions for the Mariners season ahead

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Thank you to Tee Miller for keeping Richie Sexson modern
Tee Miller

0:00 - 6:30: As we get settled in for the podcast and also the outset of the MLB season, we note a few fun facts that home in front of Matthew, Kate, and John. New Red Sox UTIL man Enrique Hernández is a surprisingly popular jersey, Matthew loves a flowy baseball pant for the summer season, and John manages to successfully quiet and calm a woebegone Corgi before diving into the questions.

6:30 - 31:00: Questions!!! Some of the topics include... what’s the outfield going to look like in the early days with Kyle Lewis OFFICIALLY on the 10-day IL to start the year? We remain mildly flabbergasted by José Marmolejos sidling his way onto the roster once more. John considers getting his Jeff Feagles on for Matthew’s cheerful suggestion of a Mitch Haniger trade return, and Kate and John spar over Haniger’s relative value to the Mariners versus another club. Where might Haniger be shopped to if Seattle is in fact in such a flush position midseason when their young outfield is potentially runneth over? Also, Kate uncorks a secret tip of the trade for teachers everywhere.

34:00 - 1:05:41 (END): Further email questions dig into the pitching staff and third base position. Yusei Kikuchi is a hot topic, particularly wondering about how his 2021 could lead to the Seattle Mariners choosing to take his 4-year, $66 million team option after 2021. Kate creates a new type of guy, John makes a comp for Kikuchi that his cohosts do NOT accept gladly. Not much love is cast Ty France’s way defensively, but the group is split on how Kyle Seager might be replaced (or not replaced) after 2021. Matthew learns a little French in attempting to locate Shed Long Jr. and we conclude by discussing what a successful/unsuccessful 2021 looks like, along with some predictions.

Music: “Send The Fishermen” - Caamp / “Honest Mistake” - The Bravery

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