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Sporcle Friday: Every manager in Seattle Mariners history

lotta hat kicking with this group

Seattle Mariners v Baltimore Orioles

The Mariners actually recently asked me if I’d like to be the manager. I said no because I need to focus on podcasting. Some will call that a missed opportunity, but I maintain that MLB manager is a thankless job better suited for other people. I don’t like sunflower seeds nearly enough to be a good manager, and I also hate nicknames that are just the first syllable of someone’s last name + the letter Y. So that probably took me out of the running immediately. Again, the Mariners did ask though. Don’t fact check me.

Seattle’s first MLB manager lasted three full seasons before getting canned during his fourth season. The replacement was, in terms of wins and losses, one of the worst managers in organized baseball history. Things remained pretty bad until 1993, when the Mariners became blessed with a run of three straight notable and successful skippers.

Unsurprisingly, the Mariners’ longest-tenured and most beloved manager is also the one with the best winning percentage. The only other one with a percentage above .500 got just two years at the helm before making way for the current guy. The Mariners have also had three interim managers, including one who managed all of one game in 1986. He lost. The interim dudes are marked with asterisks here.