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Lookout Landing 151: “Why I’m a Mariners Fan” with Brent Flyberg

The former college baseball player who bravely became a comedian talks about his journey from jock to artist, child to adult, and Mariners fan to chiller Mariners fan

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Photo courtesy of Corrina Lee Allen

0:00-24:25: Matthew praises the long sleeve T-shirt and introduces his new beef with a cookie company, as well as Brent Flyberg, a very funny comedian who is this week’s guest. Brent played some college baseball in the northwest, which is a natural jumping off point for our conversation. Several C and D-list MLB players get name dropped.

24:30-40:55: Why is the pivot from jock to artist so tough to nail? As we discuss, it’s a famously tricky leap accomplished by very few people. Brent then shares a story about doing comedy for Randy Johnson. Once the Mariner juices start flowing, memories of the early days inevitably come flooding back, which for Brent involved a lot of Vince Coleman. If you, like us, have been watching old Mariner games and Premier League highlights, drop some links to your favorites in the comments below.

41:00-50:00: Sadness, how’s that been for you? Excessive? Oddly charming? Self-affirming? You just might be a Mariners fan, my friend. Where does Brent’s belief in the prospects stand on the hype meter? Naturally, disgraced team president Kevin Mather catches a few strays. Listen in to this part for a new theory on the whole Rotary Club debacle.

50:05-1:13:00: Do we have any regrets about our relationship with the Mariners? Brent bemoans the fact that he never made fandom physically permanent and gets in one last reminder that he was a dominant athlete at one point. The boys tee up an opportunity to make fun of the Angels and then, surprise, knock it 800 yards down the fairway. Things come to their natural conclusion after a way too long dissection of bat flips.

Music: “World Domination” by Joey Bada$$ // “Freak Scene” by Dinosaur Jr.

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