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3/26/21: Open Game Thread, Spring Training Game 26

Yes, the dads are playing and no, you can’t watch them

MLB: SEP 19 Padres at Mariners
the san diego unwelcome hug-givers
Photo by Kiyoshi Mio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Oh yes, hello everyone, welcome to your Friday night game thread for this practice game of baseball against the Fathers of San Diego, California. Once again, we must rely on both the old-timey technology of the AM radio and the new-fangled technology of social media to bare witness to tonight’s game. This is conceivably the last Friday for many months without Mariners baseball on TV (editor’s note: just kidding, dummy, they have an off-day on Friday, April 9!) so, I don’t know, do a puzzle or knit or something while you listen along. Or just drink whiskey and flip through Twitter, whatever floats your boat.

UPDATE: Mariners, don’t look,,,,,,,Padres dot com, hello.


Look at all those starters! Please do not get hurt!

Mariners News You Can Use:

  • (screams into pillow)
  • Gamesmanship, babyyyy
  • That’s some healthy heat!
  • Oh yeah, Shed Long, Jr. is back!

Game time: 6:40 PM PT
Radio: 710 ESPN and
TV: sneak on over to and have a look-see?