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3/24/21: Mariners vs. Cubs Spring Training Game Thread

The cool thing about Spring Training is that it never ends

Colorado Rockies v Seattle Mariners Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Ty France leads the Cactus League in several categories. He’s first in batting average at a robust .385. With a .455 on-base percentage, France is atop the Cactus League as well. He’s leading the way with a .846 slugging percentage and 33 total bases. He’s been phenomenal, and the only significant things that could happen to him between now and the regular season are, sadly, all negative.

This is why Spring Training is too long. This is the Mariners’ 24th game of the spring, and they still have four more. While there’s no way to say for sure whether the length of Spring Training contributed, just this week we’ve seen Fernando Tatís Jr., Zac Gallen, and Kirby Yates go down with injuries of varying degrees. While several teams (the Mariners included) surely have ongoing roster decisions to make, and Spring Training games are the best way to have the players duke it out amongst themselves, it feels like you could also do that with somewhere between 15 and 18 games.

Veterans in every single sport hate the preseason. It’s why so many of them only play in like 20 percent of the games, come up with some reason to show up late to camp, or straight up refuse to participate at all. I personally have no problem with that at all. If you’re a star player who knows you’re going to make the roster, I believe you have every right to play the exact amount of games you need to feel ready. No more, no less.

Alas, the Mariners and Cubs have agreed to play Wednesday night’s game as planned. While there are some familiar names on both sides, something tells me this is going to be a snoozer. Apart from the possibility that France will hit a ball so hard that it breaks the time-space continuum, mercifully speeding up the calendar and delivering us to Opening Day, I guess Justin Dunn is something to watch tonight. I’d have to imagine this will be his last start of camp. If Chris Flexen’s five-inning outing from yesterday is any indication, Dunn will likely have a chance to go deep into this game and treat it as though it’s a a life or death ordeal that Baseball-Reference will document forever.


Lineups courtesy of Mariners PR

First Pitch: 6:40 p.m. PDT

TV: ROOT Sports Northwest

Radio: 710 ESPN / / MLB At-Bat app