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Lookout Landing Podcast 153: Mariners’ Spring Training is nearly over. What have we learned?

Does Seattle play it safe in left field, or go with one of the players the fans want to see? Whose numbers from camp seem like the real deal?

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Kansas City Royals v Seattle Mariners Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

0:00-21:15: Before anything even remotely resembling a baseball conversation, Matthew learns about some new snacks. Kate directs her anger toward the concept of electricity, particularly the part how it can just stop. The team bravely decides that they’re going to drink beer this summer but debates where that will be. The noise you hear around the 16th minute is the presses stopping for vital Matt Magill and Gerson Bautista news.

21:20-45:05: How does one effectively follow Spring Training when the games are nowhere near a working television camera? Listening to the opposing teams’ broadcast is always fun, but it’s also Spring Training and everyone’s phoning it in with basic information. Everyone, that is, but our boy John Trupin, who wrote the best headline of camp after the Mariners went off on Trevor Bauer. Have y’all seen Trevor Bauer? You heard about this? You know what will eventually be great entertainment? Bauer facing Jarred Kelenic. Who’s the current player in the Mariners’ system that will be hated by the rest of the division one day?

46:05-1:17:00 The people who submit listener questions to the Lookout Landing podcast are the most intelligent, powerful, and respected group on Earth. Everyone knows this and nods agreeably when told it. The first question gives us a chance to talk about Ty France. Matthew sticks his neck out for White Claw, though not the one you’d probably expect. John sticks his neck out for exactly the person you’d expect. One day we’ll get to stop talking about the Mariners’ eternal left field issue, but today is not that day. The last heated discussion of the episode centers on a potential trade of a former All-Star.

Music: “Hello Operator” by The White Stripes // “Check the Rhime” by A Tribe Called Quest

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