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Mariners Moose Tracks, 3/21/21: Justin Dunn, Darin Gillies, Jack Leiter

Plus, Kate’s favorite new tabletop games

Oakland Athletics v Seattle Mariners - Game Two Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Sorry for the late links today; my power has been out all weekend, for the fifty millionth time this year. Luckily we had two great caps covering the past two games: definitely check out Matthew’s March Madness-inspired cap from Friday and Addie’s cryptozoologist special from yesterday if you haven’t. Addie’s is especially impressive considering it was 1) her first recap; 2) with little notice, swooping in to save the day; and 3) a non-televised affair with scant info, so make sure to stop by and give her some props.

In Mariners news:

  • Jarred Kelenic didn’t play in last night’s contest against the Rangers, but he did some damage on the backfields nonetheless:

Here’s the full boxscore from the B game if you’re interested.

Around the league:

  • It’s not the league quite yet, but it might as well be: Vanderbilt pitcher Jack Leiter personally peeled away every eyeball that was on March Madness and focused them on his 16-K no-hitter yesterday.

Tabletop Games with Kate!

Speaking of cryptids (thanks Addie), there’s a tabletop game called Cryptid that I recently got and my friends really enjoyed playing. It’s a little bit logic and deduction, a little bit misdirection, and a lot of fun, and fits my “easy to learn/fun to play” requirement for introducing a new game. Also joining my games rotation (thanks, birthday presents!): the Parks game, which is both fun to play and gorgeous to look at; Danger Park, a lighthearted take on New Jersey’s infamous Action Park that has a gross-out factor younger teens would appreciate; and my new favorite, Seven Summits, a beautifully designed game where you send a team of climbers to tackle the seven highest mountains on each continent. All of these games made passing a weekend with no power a little more pleasant.