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Listlessly festive limericks for a listless played game

No luck, minimal Irishmen and an upsetting lack of potatoes for the author

Jarred is watching. Jarred is always watching.

There once was a game of Spring Training,

which alas was not called due to raining.

Seattle played the Halos,

and we even saw Marmolejos,

but I’d scarcely define it as entertaining.

Free agent signee Chris Flexen got the start,

and produced the pitching equivalent of a fart.

His fastball velo was down,

the changeup made everyone frown,

but I’m sure he has a good heart.

The other relievers who came in looked fine,

(although I couldn’t pick Taylor Guerrieri from a lineup of nine)

‘ol Graveman, Middleton and Montero

allowed just two hits shy of cero,

now seems like a good time for wine.

In one tiny bit of light,

Kelenic pinch-hit alright.

In his first appearance back,

a four-pitch walk inhibited a good crack,

but he strolled home soon thanks to Evan White.

Somehow tomorrow they’ll do this all over again,

with Dunn starting alongside other baseball men.

The game begins at 7:05 in the eve.

I won’t be on the ‘cap, but please don’t grieve -

you can still listen over on 710.