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FanPost Friday: Talk uniform to me, part II

Poll results and a challenge to the designers out there!

Ken Griffey Jr. #24
FPF eyewear edition coming soon

Hello and welcome back to FanPost Friday. Spring Training is in full swing, we just found out fans will be allowed at T-Mobile Park starting on Opening Day, and Jake Fraley finally got his first two ST hits. Much to think about, but I’m still stuck on uniforms. I found last week’s poll results fascinating!

It’s basically a vote along party lines, isn’t it? (ed. note: NO POLITICS, ERIC!!!) But, seriously, I was shocked to see fans of the navy/silver/NWG prevail over blue/yellow given all the very vocal teal-haters I’ve heard from recently. Seems like the current scheme has plenty of support, although it’s not exactly an overwhelming majority. Voters were a bit more split on full re-design versus tweaking what they have, but still, the ol’ compass rose is holding strong.

BBA-TAMPA-MARINERS-01 Photo credit should read DAN LEVINE/AFP via Getty Images

So, that brings me to the prompt for those of you who voted full re-design!


Give us your best mock-up! We want to see your ideas for a full re-design. If you’ve made one in the past, go ahead and reshare it in the comments. Those of you who are graphically-inclined and want to do something fun or procrastinate from your real job, here’s your chance. For those who are not skilled in Photoshop, I especially encourage you to take your best crack at it or make something intentionally shabby! We are no stranger to shabby graphics here at LL.

(^must credit Kate Preusser)

All right, so give us your best or worst uniform re-design, post it in the comments, and let’s talk about what might be. Have a great weekend, y’all.