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FanPost Friday: Best Baseball Tweets of all time

Help us showcase the very best of Baseball Twitter

2011 State Farm Home Run Derby
matt kemp firing off a tweet in 2011, probably

Welcome to Friday, because days of the week definitely still matter (they don’t). But hey, this week we’re gonna have some fun. The last few days, this tweet has been circulating and peppering my timeline with some absolutely great Twitter moments, some new, some like greeting an old friend I hadn’t seen for years.

Explore the replies for some absolute gold. But! It got me thinking. Baseball Twitter has its own brand of humor and predilection toward the absurd. It’s worth celebrating in its own right. So, this is a chance for y’all who partake in Mariners/Baseball Twitter to pick some favorites to share for the benefit of both those familiar and those who are not on Twitter. C’mon, it’ll be fun!

Prompt: Drop your favorite (or several) Baseball Twitter moment into the comments.

Here’s an all-timer to get things started. This still pops into my thoughts and cracks me up regularly.

I can’t find the original posting of the “our ass is in the jackpot” video but this will do. This audio was leaked, too, mind you. It’s brilliant. These are the moments that fascinate. MLB, this is the actual content we crave.

All right, I’m excited to see what the LL community comes up with. Feel free to reply on Twitter to me @sanford_and_son, too.