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Sporcle Friday: Mariners Hit Leaders of the 1980s

one time for the old heads

Sports Contributor Archive 2018

A lot of these quizzes tend to focus on modern Mariner history, both because the team was microwaved ass for their first 15 years of existence, and because I am famously young and full of life. The 1980s mean absolutely nothing to me.

However, I understand that many of you are old, and thus remember the ‘80s with great fondness. Settle in (safely and comfortably, don’t want to increase your back pain!) with the Mariners’ 20 greatest hitters of that extremely goofy decade.

I’ve listed the 20 players who accumulated the most hits for the Mariners from 1980-89. You’ll note, though, that some of these players began their Mariner career in the ‘70s or stuck with the M’s into the ‘90s. The years listed next to each player let you know every year they wore the trident M, though the hit totals are only from the 80s. Below you will find most of the usual suspects, a couple fellas whose names you probably learned from doing these quizzes, the father of a current big leaguer, and a middle infielder who wore #51.