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Mariners Moose Tracks, 2/3/21: Cal Raleigh, Sean Doolittle, and Nelson Cruz

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The last few free agents are trickling off the board as Spring Training closes in.

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Good morning everyone and happy Wednesday! Let’s get you the latest from around baseball.

In Mariners news...

  • Corey Brock takes a look at the M’s bullpen, where a trio of pitchers are hoping their Tommy John-repaired arms can carry them to success. ($)
  • Congratulations Cal!

Around the league...

  • Another big reliever is off the board.
  • Jeff Passan pens an incredible piece on the harrowing mental journey that Giants’ outfielder Drew Robinson has been on (trigger warning for attempted suicide).
  • Andrelton Simmons also revealed that the opted out of the final few games of the 2020 season because of mental struggles.
  • Shout out to this former Mariner for landing a new gig.
  • In the middle of an incredible offseason for San Diego, this comes to little surprise.
  • It’s pretty cool how excited he is about this.
  • On the possibility of fans at games this spring...
  • A couple of updates on the Mickey Callaway situation...

Anders’ picks...

  • For all of the gamers out there...