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FanPost Friday: Nominate a new Mariners Team President

Could you do a better job of shutting up? I bet you could!

Boston Red Sox v Seattle Mariners
POV: about to get your ass rocked by corporate america, babyyyy
Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Well, then! It’s been quite the week for Mariners fans as we’ve been dealing with the fallout of the Zoom call heard ‘round the baseball world. First of all, I’ve never been more proud to be a part of this staff and community. Don’t you ever believe that the voice of devoted fans can’t create change. Secondly, hey, did you know there is practice baseball this Sunday and we get to finally see how this young team’s season is going to unfold? My idle thoughts have very much not been filled by baseball thoughts very often the last few months for a variety of reasons, but the last few days they have crept back in and are making themselves comfortable. Blessings and curses to you, Spring Training backfield videos!

Well, let’s get to the prompt then, shall we? The other day, Blog Boss Kate Preusser wrote about what it might look like for the Mariners to do “do better” in their hiring of Disgraced former Team President Kevin Mather’s replacement. Kate discusses a variety of quality potential hires, many of whom would be trailblazers in the baseball front office world simply for the fact that they are not white men. If the Mariners really do walk the talk and make a ceiling-shattering hire, that could be truly exciting and go a long way to help distance them from the past.

But, hey, what if they hired one of YOU? Yes, you, LL reader. Here’s the prompt:

Give us your best pitch: Why should you be the next Mariners Team President?

Dust off that resume and cover letter and tell us why the Mariners should hire you. Did you create your own stat? Do you have some wild and crazy ideas on how the Mariners can shake up the game day experience for fans? Or do you just have the wild and crazy notion that the job should go to someone who actually gives a shit about players as human beings? Tell us all about it in the comments! Or give us your top picks for the position if realistically you’d rather not take on such a role, which is understandable!

Lastly, I want to say thanks to everyone who responded last week and reflected on the last Mariners game they saw in person. Lots of folks shared memories of Félix’s last start, road game experiences, and glimpses of 2020’s Spring Training. Hopefully some day soon we’ll be able to safely gather at the ballpark again and create new memories of your most recently attended Mariners game. It’ll be a good day.