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Lookout Landing Podcast 150: Ryan Divish on Kevin Mather, Jarred Kelenic, and the Mariners’ eventful week

The Seattle Times beat reporter shares two hours of thoughts on the franchise he’s covered for years

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Detroit Tigers v Seattle Mariners

0:00-30:00: Dear Mariners, give us one reason to stay here, and we’ll turn right back around. To unpack all of the terrible, no good Mariner news of the past week, we got Ryan Divish. The Seattle Times’ beat reporter and self-admitted Lookout Landing reader takes us through his experience with the infamous Kevin Mather self-immolation and his disappointment to find out that Jarred Kelenic’s public comments went to USA Today. Within the first 20 minutes, Ryan drops his favorite Jarred story, which is from the same day as “Smell you later”.

Why does Ryan – and surely so much of the Mariner universe – find Kelenic so compelling? The entire next wave of prospects is going to be firmly Generation Z. We talk about what that might look like, not only on the baseball field, but in terms of personal branding.

30:05-58:35: The Mariners have a cataclysmic mess to clean up. Matthew wonders how that process will unfold and asks Ryan if the things he’s seen within the organization point to any particular crisis management strategies. Where do the players – who have taken an increased percentage of the team’s overall power – fit into this equation? Ryan also dives into the age-old question, “What does a manager actually…do?” There’s some solid impressions during this part as well, followed by some reflection on the John Stanton press conference and Ryan revealing Dipoto and Servais’ internet habits.

59:40-1:22:25: We can all admit that several parts of this debacle are very funny. Let’s have a roast. We also find out that Ryan was moonlighting as a substitute teacher and get his account of watching the Mather video for the first time. He turns the tables on us with a question of his own about our comfort level with returning to T-Mobile Park in 2021.

1:22:30-2:06:00: Do the Mariners’ coaches and executives keep their jobs or is a major shakeup coming? Ryan then placates John by pointing out how perfect a Kolten Wong signing would have been. Some of y’all will be delighted to hear your Lookout Landing usernames mentioned on wax. This wide-ranging conversation ends with us debating who the next face of the Mariners is, and which of the outfield saviors will finish with more career WAR?

Music: “Give Me One Reason” by Tracy Chapman // “Boomer” by Bartees Strange

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