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Lookout Landing Podcast 149: Surprise, this one’s about Kevin Mather

Last episode we talked to Taylor Trammell and had a blast! This was not a similar experience!

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Chicago White Sox v Seattle Mariners Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

0:00-14:30: Matthew and Kate brave a John-less podcast. Things get simmering with a conversation about the Ooples and Boonoonoos song. This quickly leads to us wondering if We called an emergency podcast to discuss the breaking news of Sunday, disgraced Seattle Mariners Team President & CEO Kevin Mather’s comments to the Bellevue Rotary Breakfast Club. John and Kate are joined by recently returned staff writer Isabelle Minasian to, honestly, rage. The well-publicized comments run the gamut of unforced errors by the highest ranking official in the organization below club Chairman John Stanton, and Mather is hardly without previous marks against him. Thank you to all who sent in questions, including on what the long term implications of Mather’s statements might be on the Mariners, and if there is anything the club can do to begin getting back in the good graces of their fans, players, and player development group. No music today, let the frustration, disappointment, anger, and hopefully a few drops of catharsis flow through you. Intro, as always, by OF Julio Rodríguez himself.

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