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Mariners Moose Tracks, 2/21/21: Chris Flexen, Justin Dunn, Jake Marisnick, Caleb Pendleton, 4MOM

The 21st of ‘21, is that like the Ides of March?

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MLB: Seattle Mariners at Arizona Diamondbacks
on second thought, did...did it come from the booty?
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Sunday! If you haven’t yet, make sure to pop over to PitchCon hosted by our friends at Pitcher List and check out all the content that’s available for the day. You can also drop them a donation to keep their site percolating with fresh, free baseball content—half the money raised goes to Feeding America, and there are all kinds of cool prizes, so check it out. Miss a presentation you really want to see? No worries, they will all be uploaded to PL’s YouTube channel next week.

In Mariners News:

  • Just in case you didn’t see it spelled out, per Larry Stone, it seems like the Mariners are indeed done adding to the big-league roster, at least offensively:

Dipoto said Thursday it is unlikely the Mariners will pursue any more offensive players on major-league contracts.

  • Also from Larry Stone: new-look Chris Flexen has dropped 50 (!) pounds after remaking himself as a pitcher in Korea.
  • It’s Spring Training, which means BSOHL stories abound. Yesterday we got one on Yusei Kikuchi; today it’s ... Justin Dunn?

Honestly I’m surprised Dunn, who has always struck me as a relatively slender guy, had ten pounds to lose. Maybe he cut off the bleached tips?

  • ICYMI, since he can’t do his Top Golf fundraiser for his 4MOM charity this year, Braden Bishop is doing his #HitsForALZ fundraiser again, where he pledges money for each Spring Training hit he gets. Someone has already jumped in to sponsor Julio, as well, but that’s not scaring off the young outfielder:
  • “Rupp” was before my time, but this is a sweet sentiment nonetheless:

Around the League:

In Bird Content:

New birb just dropped: